Thursday, 24 September 2015

How can I help?

How can I solve your problem?
You have probably heard all this before from your favoured Print Salesman.
“We aren’t like other printers…. we have a super duper new press…. We’ve just invested in digital and the quality is great…we are very competitive…. We can also do large format…our service is second to none”

I’ve personally been guilty of this in the past, even worse is telling your sales team to push these benefits with clients especially when you have a shiny new piece of equipment to fill.

The problem is that customers don’t want to know how what kit you have; they want a solution to their problems. It’s like the old question, “why do people buy drills?” Not because they want a shiny new drill, it’s because they want to make a hole in a wall!!

Your typical print provider is all about selling his capacity and you can understand why. Those printing presses need filling so they can pay a few bills and wages, but the customer couldn’t care less all they want is a solution to their problem.

How can I help?

Typically your print salesperson will not ask this very simple question. The solution to your problem might be something completely off the wall rather than the perceived problems of cheaper prices, extended credit or better service, unless they asks you this question he cant solve your problems.

The leaflet you are printing might be for a high speed production line and you want supplying in a new way to improve the supply chain. It might be a tag for your product worth hundreds of pounds that’s needed on an unusual material. You may need a solution for managing the print for the chain of shops you own. In my experience the problems are not just about getting a better price, although that is always a bonus.

Unfortunately your typical print provider can’t always do this. The problem is that every printer provider in the UK is a specialist in producing a certain type of product. They are niche producers of print. They invest in equipment that is suited to their client base, but nobody can manufacture every piece of print. It’s just not possible.

So if you order your catalogue in the tens of thousands one year and want to reduce the quantity and produce an interactive online version of your catalogue the following year, it’s unlikely the print provider you used last year can do this for you this year.

You probably order all the letterheads and business cards through the same print provider who prints your company brochures.  The chances are you are paying too much, as they aren’t using the most efficient kit to produce your job, as they will invariably try to print the job in house.

What is the solution?

The solution is to work with a Print & Marketing Specialist. The right person will act as a resource for your business, using their considerable knowledge of the process to outsource your businesses communications. They will use best of breed suppliers who have all the latest equipment with quality; environmental management & data compliance systems ensure your print is produced efficiently.

There are many other advantages of working with a dedicated professional. Your brand is managed in a more coherent way. You will spend more of your time on productive work rather than chasing a myriad of suppliers and your digital marketing, social media & printed matter will have a common strategy.

Ian Crow
Print & Marketing Consultant
Mobile 0333 012 4867

Coming soon “The Seven Deadly Sins of Print Buying”

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