Thursday, 19 November 2015

Advertise your business professionally for £5 a year? Its not possible is it?

Yes it is!!

This post is unashamedly commercial, my apologies for this but I believe if you are not doing these things with your business you are missing a huge opportunity to promote your business in a very cost effective way.

There are some promotional products out there that will put your name in front of your clients for every second of every day of the year. 

They are cheap, don't require a huge amount of effort on your part and they are a tangible product...not some form of digital marketing or social media advertising that lasts two minutes.

So what are these magical products?

Desk pads & wall planners. 

Every year I print my own wall planners & desk pads, my clients love them. They rely on them everyday.

When I visit them through the year I see them using the wall planners to record everyone’s holidays or shift patterns and see my name on their office wall. 

The desk pads are even better, forming a part of their working environment on their desks (obviously!). Your name, telephone number & email address are in front of them every second of every day of the year.

Here is the commercial bit!!

What's the cost? 

To keep the cost down we use standard templates so you simply supply us with your logo and we incorporate it into your template. Your name is clearly displayed. 

Wall planners are A1 in size. 100 will cost you £2.50 each, 200 will be £1.80 each. This includes proofing, printing in full colour on high quality paper, folding to A4 and delivery to one UK address.

For the desk pads we again use standard templates.

100 pads will cost you £2.95 each. 200 pads will cost you £2.25 each. This includes, proofing, printing in full colour on 100g uncoated paper. The pads are glued in pads of 25 sheets and are delivered to one address in the UK.

So the cost for 100 wall planners and 100 desk pads is £5.45, near enough the same price as a cheap bottle of wine or box of chocolates!!

However, if you order wall planners and desk pads together at the same time that cost comes down to £5.00 for 100 of each item and £3.70 for 200 of each item.

To get this special price you need to place your order by 30th November. Supplying your artwork (your logo) and payment by this day. Delivery will be week 14th December. Giving you and your sales team plenty of time to distribute them.

What other forms of advertising puts your name in front of your customers every second of every day of the year? There is no other method of advertising that is as cheap and effective as this.

Contact me via email at or call 07847 415543 to place your order.

P.S. You can order more than 200, unit prices reduce significantly for larger quantities

P.P.S. I can help you with lots more. I specialise in reducing your printing and marketing costs, giving you more bang for your buck.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Am I an Old Fart?

I went to the Burnley Bonfire night yesterday, my first time at an organised event for many years, mainly to watch the firework display but also to partake in the traditional fare on bonfire evening.
I was looking forwards the Treacle Toffee, Parkin, Hot Baked Potatoes (so hot from the fire they were black), black peas & meat pie, toffee apples, hot pot & red cabbage. All the things I ate at bonfire nights for many years. 
You can imagine my disappointment when all there was on offer were burgers, fried chicken, chips, greasy doughnuts & candy floss interspersed with concessions selling light sabres. It felt more like Blackpool than Burnley.
It was also raining, freezing cold and muddy. The fire was well, a fire, but Health & Safety means you can't get within 5o yards of it, so you can't even feel that warm glow to heat you up!
The noise from funfair (wtf), blared out in the background and I began to wonder what I was doing there. This wasn't Bonfire night as I remember. 
But then the main event started. The firework display. It was worth the wait, the cold and rain. It was a truly spectacular show, which lit up the sky.
Far far better than the often disappointing fireworks you used to buy from the newsagent. Catherine wheels that didn't go around. Traffic lights that didn't change colours and rockets in a milk bottle that could go anywhere.
After the 20 minute firework display was over, everyone applauded and I was left thinking am I an old fart? Life changes and we are all victims of progress, yes the traditional part of bonfire night I remember has gone, but boy those fireworks were bloody brilliant and I can't wait to go back next year!
We all are guilty of saying "things were better when I was younger" but most of the time that isn't true and most things are better now than they were in the past. We should all embrace change and the benefits of technology, better production techniques but not forget our heritage and past.