Monday, 20 June 2016

Is Print Relevant in the Digital World?

Print is often seen as the poor relation in the Marketing mix, especially in today’s digital world. As someone who has been involved in print most of my working life, I am a guilty as the next person in how I gather my information.

Long gone are the days of buying newspapers. Magazines are now a luxury, often bought in airport departure lounges to read while taking off and landing when I can’t switch my iPad on! Our switched on digital lives have made us less and less reliant on printed communication for our content.

But the problem all marketers have in the digital age is delivering relevant content. Content that will get to their prospects, to help and inform them in their buying decisions and lead them to a sale.

Traditional print is often dismissed as a means to deliver content. Direct mail is often seen as expensive and does not generate the required return on investment. So instead prospects are bombarded with social media advertising, emails, texts, remarketing campaigns etc. all of which are relatively cheap to deliver but have variable results.

But ask yourself this? When was the last time you received a quality piece of mail? Something that immediately grabbed your attention with its design and feel? Gave you a clear call to action and led you to place an order?

I would presume this does not happen very often but when it does it’s a very pleasant surprise and even if it doesn’t lead to a sale, it makes you feel a lot more important than receiving a facebook advert.

Direct mail is not dead as this article attests to.  It is an important part of the marketing mix that, used intelligently, can produce amazing returns on you marketing investment.

Yes, your data lists need to be accurate, your content relevant, your offer attractive and call to action clear and easy to do, but direct mail works.

If you need any help or advice in delivering direct mail campaigns and integrating them with your digital marketing and CRM systems give me a call on 0333 012 4867 or email at

Just one last thought. Despite our apparent reliance on our digital devices the number of new magazines being published is increasing , so maybe print is more relevant than we think.

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