Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How Can I Make Such a Simple Mistake?

I first wrote my 7 Top Tips for Print Buying in October 2015 and pretty much everything I wrote 15 months ago is still applicable today.  However, I made one glaring error and that was leaving the most important Tip until last.

In my original blog post, I made “Digital Marketing” my seventh and final tip. If I was rewriting this today it would probably be my first tip. I also made no mention of mobile marketing and how mobile technology is changing how we communicate with one another.

Today a marketing plan would be nothing without strategy and tactics for Mobile and Digital Marketing. Print would just be part of the marketing mix along with the hundreds of new ways to communicate.

The more people in communications marketing I speak with the more I hear of the need to have one source of production. One business that understands all the technologies that are needed to implement a marketing plan in 2017. With no duplication of processes, time and most importantly money.

My business now is purely focussed on working with Marketing Communications professionals who appreciate the resources I can deliver to help them achieve their communications strategies.

Have a read of my post on 7-Top Tips for Print Buying. You may also want to have a look at my more recent post on Is Print Relevant inthe Mobile World?

Hopefully you will find my thoughts useful and if you want to take it further and have a chat about how I can help your business my details are below.

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